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Welcome to the Documentation site for edgeCore™ Platform

This site is an extension of the website and is fully accessible without a name and account. We have created this site to make your experience more focused when you are searching for guides “how to” and reference “format” related materials. Note: we have made some branding changes and all prior functions of EdgeSuite are all consolidated under the edgeCore™ Platform. You are likely to encounter them on pages until we have them all updated.

On This Site

This site contains 400 articles that are distributed under Guides and Reference. When you are in these areas the left-hand side of the screen will present vertical navigation and a sequence of articles and topics. Support on the top navigation bar will direct you back to the Edge Total Intelligence main site and land you on the Support page where you can create a ticket, create an idea/improvement request, or look into training resources.

About edgeCore

edgeCore is a Connected Intelligence Platform that leverages content from external systems and databases through Web and Data Adapters to provide out-of-the-box value. It features:

  • Secure, fully-authenticated access to your applications and data
  • Rapid, seamless, complete integration
  • Role-based, in-context, information visualization
  • The ability to execute and take complex actions

Administrative features enable system owners to Manage Users, Manage Content, Provision content to users. Configure navigation and interactivity between pages of content, and Enable Single-Sign-On access to content from different sources.

Data capabilities handle data integration and visualization. It is responsible for the complete data lifecycle in the system.

  • Connect to a data source
  • Bring raw data into the system via feeds
  • Enrich, Filter, and Transform raw data
  • Visualize data using supplied visualizations

Web capabilities handle proxied content.

  • Connect to an existing product at the web layer.
  • Bring in content from that product.
  • Manipulate the DOM for presentation in Edge.

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