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The VariableStore interface defines a simple way to store and retrieve string-based key/value pairs.  This is implemented by ProxyRequestContext and AppSession.

Method Return Type Arguments Description
String String name Retrieve the currently stored value of the named variable.
void String name, String value Store a new value for the named variable.


An example of a session variable – during sign-on, we are redirected to the login page of the target application. We want to store this because we base the logout URL on the login URL.

this.onGetLoginResponse = function(ctx) {
    var loginPage = ctx.appResponse.getHeader('location');
    // (various error checks here)
    ctx.appSession.setVariable("loginPage", loginPage);
    // (continue login sequence)
this.signOff = function(ctx) {
    ctx.startSsoRequest("GET", ctx.appSession.getVariable("loginPage").replace("login", "logout"),
        function onLogoutResponseWrapper(ctx) { self.onLogoutResponse(ctx); });

Special Variables

Name Scope Type Meaning
AppSession Long (milliseconds) Throttle sign-on attempts by specifying a period which must elapse before reattempting sign-on after a failed attempt.

The default value for this is taken from the config property edgeWeb.retrySignOnThreshold.

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