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v4.4.2 Hotfix

edgeCore™ 4.4.2 Hotfix Release Notes

Hotfix1 Resolved Issues

Production date: July 29, 2022

  • The issue where the RPA script with Citrix steps could not be executed without having the Manage Extensions permission has been resolved.
  • The issue where content assigned to the non-admin user was not being shown in the navigation menu has been resolved.
  • The issue where the Filter transform did not display all attributes for files that have more than 20 attributes and the user was not able to add the missing ones has been resolved.

Hotfix2 Resolved Issue

Production date: August 8, 2022

  • The issue where the WebSocket proxy did not fail when the back-end connection failed has been resolved.

Hotfix3 Resolved Issues

Production date: September 30, 2022

  • The issue where load('classpath:static/lib/moment-with-locales.min.js'); did not function due to the GraalVM update has been resolved. MomentJS is now automatically loaded into the context.
  • The issue where multiple ‘content-type’ headers with varying case inserted on edgeWeb content requests caused ServiceNow to respond with a 415 response code with an unsupported media type exception has been resolved.
  • The Switch to Page RPA step editor has been updated not to show the step name and permissions as those are not used for RPA.
  • Dynamic series in a pie chart no longer uses 50% alpha on the color palette by default.
  • Added support for typing newline and tabs characters in Citrix RPA.
  • Batik libraries have been upgraded to version 1.15.
  • If the server is in an unlicensed mode, the missing feature codes will be logged. Example: 2022-09-21 10:18:08,544 WARN e.s.e.s.EnterpriseLicenseClient [clientInboundChannel-19] Cannot license server: REGISTER SERVER dyedge-MacBookPro2.local.n523fn-rl40tndc416f failed due to: License not available. Missing featureCodes: [server.rpa,server.base]
  • The issue with Windows Service install has been resolved. Now you need to edit the service and switch to Local System account (service > right-click > Properties > Log On >select Local System account).


Hotfix4 Resolved Issues

Production date: October 7, 2022

  • The issue where memory leaks occurred whenever getConfiguration (Scope, user, domain, path) was being called has been resolved.
  • RPA: The issue with adding JS Eval as a standalone step or as JSEval with element has been resolved. The following error was displayed to a user (not full admin): Unable to get config value for key pipeline.safeSubstitution.

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