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edgeCore 3.5 Change Notes

New Features

YEL-2942: Added options to the Chart Visualization for controlling min/max bounds with dynamic values from different datasets.

YEL-2955: Added new Bullet Chart Visualization which allows the user to create a true bullet chart instead of using the Linear Gauge Chart in previous versions.

  • Updated the Gauge Chart Visualization (see Compatibility Issues below) to offer more flexibility and layout orientation while simplifying some of the hard to understand features.

Resolved CVEs

Resolved Issues

YEL-1828: Improved label formatting on gauges.
YEL-2072: Enhanced second label to be optional on Arc Gauge Visualization.
YEL-2401: Improved page header control to allow hiding the @default or @anything domain portion of the user id.
YEL-2426: Addressed error handling for curly braces in SQL Transforms. The update allows curly braces to appear inside of quoted literals.
YEL-2588: An addressed error where the initial save of LDAP role mappings on a domain fails.
YEL-2618: Enhanced HTML Template Visualization, so ‘No Data to Display’ will not display or block the visualization.
YEL-2632: Improved control of axis labels, adding the option to turn off showing axis values in decimals.
YEL-2800: Improved dependency graph to restrict the deletion of referenced configurations (specifically constraints, secured variables, credentials, client filters, color palettes, and rule sets).
YEL-2806: Added background-color rule for Gauge Visualization.
YEL-2988: Addressed error when editing a Visualization’s filter where the constraint options were cleared from the drop-down after selecting apply (required page refresh to recover the options).
YEL-3047: Improved handling of HTTP Status Codes; edgeWeb was handling only a 200 status code as success and it has been updated to treat all 2xx status codes as a success.
YEL-3053: Addressed incorrect time shown in chart axis in some cases where it did not match the user’s timezone.
YEL-3070: Addressed error handling of null values that were excluded incorrectly by filters using ‘Does Not Contain’ or ‘Contains’ with NOT enabled.
YEL-3071: Improved control of a Visualization’s minimum height.
YEL-3077: Enhanced Cluster Configuration to allow instance URL to be edited. Previously it was initialized from the browser URL which may be unreliable if the administrator is using a local alias. Note: If installing a new library on the admin server, you will want to run the ./ reinit command.
YEL-3079: Added code to ensure Server Cluster’s ‘Deploy Snapshot’ task will apply custom libraries without requiring a restart.
YEL-3081: Improved Backup/Restore page will list archives but will not allow import of archives generated from a later edgeCore release.
YEL-3082: Enhanced ‘refresh’ visualization menu item to allow enable/disable configuration control.
YEL-3093: Enhanced Table Visualization’s support for selection with page variable actions. It now works similarly to the List Visualization, except it will not show the selection if the row to be selected is not in the current display set.
YEL-3096: Addressed issue where page variable mappings are not immediately cleaned up when a Visualization is removed from the page.
YEL-3097: Addressed loading messages shown when hovering over a Chart Visualization.
YEL-3099: Addressed missing AutoZoom Control (used to enable/disable AutoZoom when Map Visualization data changes by server updates and/or client filters).
YEL-3100: Added re-order control to the Edit Actions dialog.
YEL-3101: Addressed error handling of the empty group in filters.
YEL-3102: An addressed error where the user is not prompted for edgeWeb content credentials if a domain and/or user credential is not already configured.
YEL-3105: Enhanced audit and session logging to write to both a log file and the authentication database. See Log Files Management for additional configuration details.
YEL-3108: An addressed error where edgeWeb content visualization would fail completely when secondary resources would load (instead of a broken image, the visualization would display an empty visualization).
YEL-3120: An addressed error where page variables mapped to missing data producer variables would cause all subscriptions on the page to fail and require a page refresh before updating.

Known Issues

Re-parenting of a Visualization directly or indirectly can result in an error condition in page(s) where the Visualization already has been placed. Currently, the only way to recover is to remove the Visualization from the affected pages and re-add it. Any actions/filters/options would have to be recreated. This is expected to be fixed in the next release.

Compatibility Issues

Gauge Visualization: Thresholds and Comparative Value are no longer supported. Specifically, Linear Gauge from a pre-v3.5 system is not compatible with the current Linear Horizontal Gauge. Any older Liner Gauge Visualizations should be reviewed when you are upgrading to v3.5 or higher. It might have to be manually converted to New Bullet Chart.

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release, please see the support page for contact information.

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