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edgeCore 3.4.1 Release Notes

New Features

YEL-3016: Added the ability to configure remember last page functionality on login; this will default to off.  To enable add the line: ‘client.openlastvisited=true’ to /config/

YEL-2946: Added security.allowFrom and security.frameAncestors to set HTTP headers controlling framing options for edgeCore.

YEL-2596: TreeMap Visualization now supports manual configuration of color assignments

YEL-3010: Added option to skip setting x-frame-options with value=ALL.

YEL-2995: Added ability to launch a visualization as a tab/window with the visualization maximized.

YEL-2995: Added ability to refresh any visualization on the page.

YEL-2990: Added support of percentage values in the Chart Visualization tooltip (‘include widget data’ option).

Resolved CVEs

YEL-2463: Added JavaScript Sandbox to restrict JS functions and Java access in Realtime Parameters; and specific JS functions in Web Adapter rules and JavaScript Feeds and JavaScript Transforms.

Resolved Issues

YEL-3026: Addressed table non-virtual scrolling with a big white area at the bottom of the table.

YEL-3022: Addressed JavaScript Feeds failing to retrieve data after restore.

YEL-2997: Addressed List Visualization’s autofocus selection.

YEL-2906: Additional updates on Text Visualization widget where the data is not ready; but the timer has started.

YEL-3019: Addressed Table Visualization widget’s descending sort configuration.

YEL-2463: Fixed a JavaScript memory leak of ScriptEngines.

YEL-2596: Addressed aggregate values of First, so the new attribute will be given the name of “First_<attributeName>”; like other aggregate functions.

YEL-3011: Addressed an error in editing Color Palette that prevented updates to the visualization during configuration.

Known Issues

YEL-2590: HTTP Redirection issue; when running ‘http’ on a default SSL port, session is redirected to a corresponding http port, and vice versa (‘https’ on port ‘8080’ redirects to ‘8443’; and ‘http’ on port ‘8443’ redirects to ‘8080’).

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release, please see the support page for contact information.

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