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edgeCore 3.6.1 Change Notes

Security Updates

YEL-3269/YEL-3325: Updated Spring Framework dependencies (bug fixes and CVE-2018-15756)

YEL-3294: Removed echoing back of username on failed login attempts.

YEL-3324: CVE-2018-10237: Guava Library v22.0 has a reported vulnerability.

YEL-3342: Jackson DataBind library update (CVE-2018-14718, CVE-2018-14721, CVE-2018-19360, CVE-2018-19361, CVE-2018-19362).

New Features

YEL-3148: Preserved content folder structure on partial restore (improved parent path resolution). Also provided a new feature “Update page locations” on partial restore.
YEL-3179: Added option to remove the box around records in Timeline Visualization.
YEL-3214: Improved handling of adapter sort in Manage Adapters and Restore views (in Manage Adapters UI and Add New Adapter UI, clean up the code to better handle version sorting and bad version).
YEL-3219: Added ability to mark a Node Variable as unused to allow validation to ignore.
YEL-3226: Added report of Secured Variable usage issues on a pipeline node like the Node Variable issue reports.
YEL-3236: Improved CSV data exports to include type information in the header and the date format.
YEL-3244: Added ability to launch hyperlink from Visualization Help.
YEL-3261: Added admin route information to browser’s tab title.
YEL-3268: Added API information exposed in JavaScript Server Actions to test the response of secondary server action request’s result (recordsAffected); can help determine, beyond server action executed, whether any records were modified (currently only reported on SQL Server Actions).
YEL-3307: Reduce visibility of underlying errors when displaying failures to non-admin users. Only administrators should see information about the feed type or transform type errors. The client is given a messageId that can be given to an administrator to identify the more detailed error in the log. Admin users will still be presented with detailed errors.

Resolved Issues

YEL-3213: Improved Composite Icon Editor issue when displaying multiple icons in a single layer. Resolved NaN error in composite preview and added better calculation of layer size and offset when ‘base’ layer has multiple sized icons.
YEL-3215: Fixed issue causing Transform to break when renaming a SQL Transform’s source.
YEL-3232: Prevented admin user from creating duplicate named page/folder in a folder.
YEL-3240: Fixed map legend being mangled with browser zoom.
YEL-3255: Fixed issue where some requests were failing due to unauthenticated sessions.
YEL-3256: Fixed systemd service installation configurations to work on newer versions of Ubuntu.
YEL-3257: Fixed proxied content not displayed on the switch between “view” and “edit” modes.
YEL-3258: Fixed edgeWeb content display needs to refresh the browser after entering credentials.
YEL-3260: Fixed partial restore to trigger full reset when it contains java libraries.
YEL-3260: Fixed module packaging to allow modules to extend other abstract Connection Types, such as JDBC URL connections. Resolves an issue where customer property files were used to register additional JDBC Connection types, but those entries were lost on upgrade to a new server installation.
YEL-3264: Fixed Oracle JDBC URL Connections not processing dates properly (set time zone to UTC for proper date retrievals).
YEL-3267: Improved conflict resolution reports on partial restore to prevent conflict reports when there were no differences.
YEL-3275: Fixed full restore from web client resulting in 500 Server Unavailable temporary message; restore works but the client is forced to refresh the browser.
YEL-3276: Fixed client memory leak in Topology Visualization.
YEL-3278: Fixed issue on editing a page (manage layout), in which the page gets moved in the top-level menu order.
YEL-3285: Fixed SQL Transforms query verification step to not block if there are unused data sources.
YEL-3286: Fixed issue in which Node Variable integrity reporting identified two instances of the same unused Node Variable.
YEL-3287: Fixed issue where adapter installations containing a content bundle should be upgraded on install.
YEL-3288: Fixed issue where the adapter module fails to load due to appdef type lookup; affected LogicMonitor Rest Adapter.
YEL-3289: Fixed missing message translation: ‘Pipeline.TabularDataProducerTestError’.
YEL-3301: Improved restore process to ignore JSON data files from processing.
YEL-3302: Allowed server jobs to be disabled in development environments (data.disableServerJobs=true in
YEL-3305: Fixed issue causing a Copy to Clipboard Action to not run on some browsers.
YEL-3318: Fixed a regression where the administrator could no longer create Overlay Map Layers.
YEL-3321: Performance/stability improvement applied to an internal database used for transforms and cached data results. Resolved issues where customers reported database lock timeouts.
YEL-3323: Updated PublishJob timeouts to be configurable.
YEL-3330: Fixed regression where edge.log no longer reported performance metrics.
YEL-3332: Fixed truncated WebSocket proxy messages where large responses were broken up into multiple responses.
YEL-3333: Fixed issue where Partial Backup of the page was not including actions called from advanced usage of server-side JavaScript Action configurations.
YEL-3334: Fixed DB2 database adapter connection configuration.
YEL-3336: Cleaned up additional ‘es_testmode=true‘ Secured Variables from being applied to Feeds and Transforms run from the Pipeline Test / Configuration steps.

Compatibility Issues

  • Gauge Visualization: Thresholds and Comparative Value are no longer supported. Specifically, Linear Gauge from a pre-v3.5 system is not compatible with the current Linear Horizontal Gauge. Any older Linear Gauge Visualizations should be reviewed when you are upgrading to v3.5 or higher. They might have to be manually converted to the new Bullet Chart.

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release, please see the support page for contact information.

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