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Text Renderer


Text renderers are used to configure font styles.

Static vs. Derived Text Renderers

This property determines whether a static font style will be used for all values, or whether a data set will determine the font style based on a value within the record.

Static A static font will be used for all records.
Derived Data will determine which font is used, based on values within each record. Derived Text renderers require a Rule Set, which contains the logic needed to map values in the data to specific font styles.

Static Text

Static Text shows the font settings that will be used for all records.


Selecting a color is done via the custom input field. Clicking anywhere within the color input field will open the “Color Picker”.

Color Picker

The Color Picker is divided into different Color Palettes. You can toggle between different palettes using the pull-down menu located at the top of the Color Picker. New custom Color Palettes can be added to the system using the Color Palettes option in the System Menu. New Palettes will appear as options in the Color Picker’s pull-down.


Determines the font size.

MIN – 1

MAX – 256


Determines font style.







Bold Italic


Derived Text

Derived Text relies on a collection of Static Font properties mapped to values in the underlying data.

The “Derived” option provides a different set of inputs from the “Static” option. Instead of selecting individual text properties, users will select a Rule Set that contains a collection of text properties. Values in the data will determine which text properties are used, based on rules.

  • A list of variables will appear below the Rule Set.
  • The number of variables will vary based on the complexity of the rules within the Rule Set.
  • Each variable needs to be mapped as an attribute that contains values needed to satisfy the logic within the Rule Set. This mapping allows Rule Sets to be reused across different datasets, regardless of what raw attribute names are.
  • The attributes available for each variable will be limited by data type (STRING, NUMBER, etc.), ensuring that values supplied to the Rule Set are valid.

See the Rule Sets section for more information on creating Rule Sets

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