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Script Recorder Interface Overview

Available Actions in the Recorder

When you click record to start recording, the following actions will be available in the script recorder:

Script Actions/Buttons Description
Enable Focus
on Hover
Used to enable outlining of an HTML element when hovered over with the cursor.
Actively Recording Blinks in red while the recorder listens for actions to record.
Stop Recording Used to stop recording script steps and close the recorder. If you have recorded all the steps you wanted, save the script once you stop recording.
Script Variables
Used to add JavaScript blocks for data transformations and variable editing between functions while recording.
Add Switch
Page Action
Used to navigate to another page in the system. As a result, you will be taken to the target page.
Capture Next Mouse Click in HTML Used to record clicks.

You have a registration form with a button that you need to click on to complete the registration process. To capture this click in the script, you first need to click on this action in the recorder and then click on the button.

Get Text
From Element
Used to extract a text value from any HTML element.

You want to scrape certain information (for example, names, addresses, or phone numbers, to name a few). To obtain this text value and capture it in the script, you first need to click on this action in the recorder and then click on the HTML element containing the desired text.

Focus Element Used to add focus property to an HTML element, which will then be used to trigger elements relying on the focus attribute.
Send Key Press Event Used to send keycode as a Javascript event to any attached listeners on the selected HTML object with the CTRL/ALT/SHIFT modifiers.
Recordable Actions
(3 dots)
When you click on three dots, you are presented with actions that enable you to:
Run Server Action (introduced in version 4.3.11): used to run a server action that has been previously configured in the pipeline to record script results.
Wait For Element To Load: used to add a listener event that waits for a specified element to load in the DOM. This is useful in situations where we have to wait for the element to be physically available. A common scenario is when the previous action causes a page to reload or just part of the page is reloaded. The advantage of this method is that we can adjust how long it waits for the element to load (default is 10 seconds). If we set the timeout to 30 seconds and the element loads after 5 seconds, the script will resume immediately. On the other hand, if we use 30 seconds delay, we have to wait a full 30 seconds even though the element is loaded. We can use the Wait for element to load action in the following situations:
a) Wait for the new element to load
b) Wait for the new page to load
c) Wait for the element to appear on the page
You can watch a short video here.
JS Eval with Element: used to modify any script context variables (e.g. scriptVar.clipboard) using JavaScript expressions.
Fetch Pipeline Data (introduced in version 4.4.2): used to fetch edgeCore pipeline data and load it into a script as a scriptVar.
Parse Web Data (introduced in version 4.4.2): used to load CSV and XLS/XLSX files and save the results in scriptVars.
Close Script Center Used to exit the Script Center.



Additional Actions Not Displayed in the Recorder

You can also perform the following RPA actions:

Script Actions Description
the click of a mouse
Recording steps can be done by using the backtick ` on the keyboard.

You want to capture clicks, so you first need to click the Capture Next Mouse Click in HTML action in the recorder and then press the backtick on the element where you want to record the click. The backtick will capture this click in the script.

If you do not want the backtick to be able to record steps, you can disable it in Admin Tools > System Config > Scope USER by entering client.rpa.enableRecordByKeypress=false.

Note: if you disable the option to record steps by pressing the ` key, the Enable Focus on Hover action will not be displayed in the recorder.

If you want to use another key instead of the backtick to record steps, you can configure client.rpa.recordkey in Admin Tools > System Config > Scope USER.

JQuery Selector
Press Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V to copy/paste values.

You want a certain input field to be filled out with text value. To copy/paste text value from a variable and capture it in the script, you need to press Ctrl + V in the input field you want to populate.

Cancel Recording Step Press the Esc key on the keyboard once to cancel any recording step that is in progress. Pressing this key twice will stop the entire recording.


While recording, steps taken will appear in this window indicating the capture activity.

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