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Satisfy Upstream Node Variables Wizard Step

This page documents a new feature that is available in edgeCore v3.6 or higher.
Every Transform Wizard now has a new step for satisfying the upstream node variables, if there are any.

Each upstream Node Variable is listed in a table and the user is presented with radio button choices on how they wish to satisfy the upstream variable. The options are:

Option Definition
Auto Inherit Auto-create a local variable with the same settings as the parent variable and assign. Propagating this change downstream is optional.
Local Variable Choose a local variable to satisfy the upstream variable. Any downstream nodes must satisfy this local variable.
You can use the control on the left to choose an existing local variable, create a new variable, or edit the currently selected variable.
Hide Set the value of the parent node variable to its default value, and terminate the need to satisfy the variable, which hides it downstream.
Advanced Advanced settings which are manually entered. This is rarely needed.

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