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Run Script


This Action opens and runs a recorded RPA script with variables parsed to script variables.


Configuring a run script action involves three properties.

Property Description
Action Name Give this Action a name that will be used on a context menu if more than one Action is configured for the event.
Page Select Page – Target a certain page on which to run a script.
Script Select a recorded script from the drop-down list.

Parsing Variables to the Script

On the “Script Variables” tab, you can add variables that will be available to the script during execution, by pressing the + button. After you set the variable name, you’ll have a choice of 4 variable sources that can be passed into the scriptVar.

Property Description
Unset Leave the variable unset, it can be changed through the script during execution.
Page Var Set variable value to a page Var value.
Record Value Set variable value to a record value from the clicked row.
Static Set variable to a set value/string.

Action Conditions

In the “Conditions tab”, rules can be set to prevent or enable script execution based on the values of the clicked row attribute values.

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