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edgeCore 4.2.1 Release Notes

edgeCore New Features

  • EC-706: Added TestAction for SQL ServerActions.
  • EC-707: Added ability to choose “Attribute” as source variable in Server Action config improving consistency between action configurations.

edgeCore Resolved Issues

  • EC-635: Resolved regression where cluster admin server hangs when waiting on EMS.
  • EC-720: Resolved Bullet Chart Visualization Wizard validation errors.
  • EC-720: Resolved missing name in Role validation.
  • EC-750: SqlTransform handling of dates.

Enhancement Updates

  • EC-664: Enhanced configuration script to assist configuring the Auth and ExternalCache databases, giving the options of H2, MySql v57, and MySql v8.
  • EC-604: Improved JSON Wizard performance and memory usage.
  • EC-691: Improved EMS session management on connections from connected Content/Admin Servers making the edgeCore to edgeCore sessions stateless.
  • EC-745: Record the failed authentication error when a normal ‘non-Admin’ server attempts to login to a server that is in maintenance.


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