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edgeCore 4.1.1 Release Notes

EC-697: Resolved issue setting page variables on ‘Switch to Page/Visualization’ actions, when in ‘Edit’ mode, or during browser forward/back navigation.

EC-690: Resolved issue where Rule Set Expressions triggered a parsing error when the value was an empty string; and the expression tests for Not Empty.

EC-688: Resolved issue on trigger ServerAction with prompt fails to Fix server action prompt dialog when constraints used.

EC-698: Resolved issue where Show Visualization Action’s do not display their evaluated breadcrumb values.

EC-693: Resolved issue where HTML Template Visualization fails to render when switching pages.html template viz failing in 4.1

EC-696: Resolved issue where Table Visualization columns set as hidden by default cannot be toggled to visible.

EC-656: Fixed where date attribute formatter edits failed (David spotted the issue) checking in the fix for the build.

EC-695: Resolved issue where Table Visualization footer duplicated the ‘Showing …’ number of records message.

EC-640: Resolved issue on Show Visualization action where the wrong Visualization was selected.

EC-640: Resolved issue adjust the table footer to use an invisible class instead of ngIf so the footer height is consistent and avoid table content being too tall because of footer height changed.

EC-648: Resolved issue where default styling of Timeline Visualization items was set as transparent on hover, causing the lines to render in front of the item.

EC-605: Improved Backup user interface to provide feedback when selecting the ‘Backup’ button.

EC-655: Resolved missing message bundle used to display ‘No Archives Found’ on the ‘Backup’ page.

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