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edgeCore 3.8.5 Release Notes

Updates to Command Line Interface

Implemented the following updates to the new Command Line Interface (CLI) that was introduced in edgeCore v3.8.4:

ES-177: Added ability to view license details via command line.
ES-366: Added ability to create a partial backup and to restore that partial backup from API/CLI calls.
ES-376: Added a Restore Profile option, which allows a Partial Restore to be somewhat automatically controlled. The restoreRules the field is a list of matching rules that allow you to specify what attribute to match against, a matching pattern, and then a default action to perform for configuration entities that match.

New Features

ES-169: Added advanced control CRON scheduler to better manage when feed jobs are scheduled to update. Note: This needs to be enabled as a server job, or a downstream node must be a server job, to remain active. Otherwise, it will schedule immediately when it has a downstream subscription and then only update via the CRON schedule while active.
ES-429: Added option to “download raw” source in the CSV and Custom (JS) Parsers.
ES-439: Extended the Topology Visualization to enable the administrator to control what nodes are visible (white-listing model) on all. Rather than ‘Hide New Nodes’, the configuration page has been updated to ‘Show All Nodes’ with options: Yes | No and better descriptive text. If No is selected, only nodes visible to the administrator at the time of configuration will be exposed. When applying Page Variables, to change the nodes in the topology you will need to whitelist those nodes; otherwise, you will see a blank topology.

Resolved Issues

ES-79: Updated the BasicRegexTransform to accept un-escaped literal replacements.
ES-79: Added StandardRegexTransform to edgeWeb Content Rules. This transform searches for text matching the supplied regular expression and replaces it using a ‘normal’ regex replacement string. Refer to the Matcher documentation for valid syntax.
ES-79: Added JsRegexTransform to edgeWeb rule-sets. This transform searches for text matching the supplied regular expression and replaces it using a supplied function that returns a string.
ES-406: Resolved several issues related to status messages that are displayed when there are errors in the pipeline.
ES-415: Resolved issue where the proxy content transformation pipeline would strip backslash characters.
ES-431: Improved documentation on Tomcat Truststore configuration and the alternative usage of truststore.pass and keystore.pass settings in ( stores the encrypted value).
ES-444: Fixed regression found during an upgrade of the customer from 3.5.2 → 3.8.2 / 3.8.4, where a default credential referenced an LDAP expression ‘info.ldap.userPrincipalName’. This expression would only evaluate for LDAP-enabled domains; other domains would fail to resolve the Secured Variable and credential parameters, causing all feeds to fail for default and non-LDAP configured domains.

Known Issues

edgeCore uses H2 database in support of the SQL Transforms. SQL that uses Common Table Expression (CTE) ‘WITH’ clauses have been identified as causing two issues.

  1. Lock Timeouts: Transforms fail to run; as temporary tables fail to be cleaned up.
  2. Memory Leaks: The temporary table results are not being cleaned up properly in all instances; and it will trigger Out Of Memory on the JVM.

ES-432:  Upgrading edgeCore 3.6.x and earlier versions; will need to be restarted when upgrading to edgeCore v3.7.2+ (admin actions like creating a user fail to do to unresolved permissions assigned to the Full Admin role).

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release, please see the support page for contact information.

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