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edgeCore 3.8.2 Release Notes

Resolved Issues

ES-102: Added a metric tracking the number of requests and an average time to run Proxy and Job Requests.

ES-266: Reduced the minimum width of a page layout column to 26px (converted to a percentage). Note: to configure the smallest column size possible, you should maximize the browser when configuring the column size.

ES-281: Improved job (data update) result statuses, resolved data count, and timing results.

ES-281: Enhanced Job Status topology to better reflect the pipeline state and include auto-refresh.

ES-281: Updated embedded cache database connection to utilize the multi-threaded mode.

ES-281: Improved downstream job execution logic where pipelines have a common upstream parent that has intermediate transforms applied and then joined at a later point. In the past, update events would flow through the system and trigger downstream jobs to run before another parent off of a common parent had finished its execution, causing the downstream job to be run multiple times. This update makes the system more efficient and also avoids inconsistent data being shown while updates are propagating.

ES-281: Usability updates on the Job Status page:

  2. Default sort on Scheduled Time to Run
  3. Scheduled time has full Date format, but other dates have a lighter time-only format

ES-300: Added data loading feedback so after “Loading..” there may be a “Processing..” message that can be shown and customized during Visualization configuration. This varies based on data size and work that might be done on the client, such as sorting a large data set, before it can be displayed.

ES-323: Updated ‘origin’ and ‘referrer’ header replacements when feed access domains other than the main connection, replacing it with that of the main connection.

ES-333: Reduced memory kept from prior data updates. The previous tracking of data updates kept the cache alive until the update status was dropped after 10 minutes, which could lead to excessive memory use under extremely heavy server loads.

ES-334: Resolved issue where the user’s table sort selections were not applied to new data results.

ES-344: Updated Web Data feeds to allow them to run Text Transformation Pipeline.

ES-346: Fixed raw JSON document download feature available on the JSON Feed editor.

Known Issues

edgeCore uses the H2 database in support of the SQL Transforms. SQL that uses Common Table Expression (CTE) ‘WITH’ clauses have been identified as causing two issues.

  1. Lock Timeouts: Transforms fail to run; as temporary tables fail to be cleaned up.
  2. Memory Leaks: The temporary table results are not being cleaned up properly in all instances; and it will trigger Out Of Memory on the JVM.

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release, please see the support page for contact information.

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