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edgeCore 3.8 Release Notes

Security Updates

New Features

ES-98: Added ConnectionMetricsDO to entitlement metrics.
ES-150: Added ability to disable user scoped credentials from being persisted (credentials entered during the session are only valid for that user’s session).
ES-204: Added Entitlement metric feed that includes summarized concurrent user sessions.
ES-242: Added refresh delay option when configuring options on a Server Action.
ES-275: Added Page View metrics (reports rollup of page view counts per hour).
ES-276: Added edgeCore System Metrics connection and feed.

Resolved Issues

ES-72: Updated edgeWeb to submit form parameters in the order of configuration.
ES-153: Updated to ignore the VersionDef feed rules list if it is empty.
ES-161: Updated proxy connection wizard to update default values as appVersion is switched, but only if the user has not modified them.
ES-165: Updated Server Info to include server time zone.
ES-195: Fixed filter transform attribute retrieval to use test credentials.
ES-196: Added prompt for missing user-scoped credentials in the visualization preview step.
ES-215: Updated to honor cookie path attribute when including cookies with proxy app requests.
ES-221: Updated Show / Hide selection on new menu folders to fix an issue where new folders were being created as “hidden from the menu” by default.
ES-229: Fixed error syntax highlighting where it was not being cleared after the user fixed the problem (missing: data source, nodeVar, secVar).
ES-248: Fixed handling of synchronous calls from signOn/signOff to signOnComplete/signOffComplete that were causing exceptions in the logs.
ES-252: Fixed issue where the Manage Page -> Manage Page Variables -> New Page Variable dialog failed to close when selecting cancel.
ES-253: Updated Visualization and Visualization Preview step in Pipeline Configuration step to show a ‘Provisioning Error’ instead of a misleading ‘Missing Credential’ message when a Secured Variable is not configured.
ES-256: Updated to allow rules from another module to be loaded from modules that do not define a connection type.
YEL-3202: Fixed issue where named index would return undefined if the attribute list or records list was empty.
YEL-3312: Improved form parameters storage to retain order.
YEL-3352: Updated Highcharts to v7.0.0 library.

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release, please see the support page for contact information.

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