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edgeCore 3.7.2 Release Notes

Security Updates

ES-144: CVE Updates and library updates.

Resolved Issues

ES-118: Improved resolution of images generated by Icon Rules.
ES-127: Improved page not found dialog by adding configuration to allow it to not be shown, auto-redirect in n seconds, or wait for user input.
ES-129: Improved page layout to allow smaller row size.
ES-133: Updated DateTime packages.
ES-160: Fixed an issue where error messages were improperly reported in the message center (related to switch to page actions).
ES-162: Fixed regression in v3.7.0 where cascaded menu did not open with right-click option to open in new window.
ES-165: Updated Server Info to include server time zone.
ES-167: Added support for an encrypted store of Tomcat TrustStore and KeyStore passwords, and shared support for configuring LDAPS Keystore.
ES-195: Fixed filter transform attribute retrieval to use test credentials.
ES-218: Improved edgeSuite configuration to allow preventing locked account messages (default is to show, but running: ‘./ config -k accountService.restrictedAuthMessages -v true -s global‘ can be used to disable anything but failed login message).
ES-228: Improved optimization of persistence mappings.
ES-242: Improved control of feed refresh configuration to delay before triggering refresh.
ES-247: Improved control of enableSNI service options via environment.(sh|bat) configuration.
ES-252: Fixed issue preventing cancel/close on Add Variable dialog.
ES-260: Fixed rendering of LDAP URL in the LDAP Domain Adapter.
ES-280: Fixed issue where users were unable to log in after full restore (only when switching between full archives that are not based on a version of each other).

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release, please see the support page for contact information.

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