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edgeCore 3.7.1 Release Notes

New Features

ES-132: Added an option to select the RFC4180 CSV Parser. The initial ‘Default’ selection will generally be used, but there are some data formats that may require the strict RFC4180 version.

  • YEL-3327: Added ability to enter descriptions / comments on action configurations.
  • YEL-3341: Added ability to include logs with partial backups, generated from the command line and backup user interface.

Resolved Issues

ES-81: Resolved errors reported in the message center and browser console when tooltip actions reference attributes that have been removed or renamed. The ToolTip Action configuration dialog now shows ‘Invalid: <attributeName>’ when the attribute is unknown (missing or renamed).

ES-114: Resolved regression in v3.7.0 pageIds used on the client to reference unique pages in the menu (selecting on some menu items had reported page not found). This fix will require any existing bookmarks (URLs) to edgeCore pages to be updated.

  • YEL-3316: Resolved issue where the administrator was unable to delete Rule Sets after cleaning up existing references.
  • YEL-3320: Resolved issue where the administrator was unable to click ‘Apply’ / ‘Reset’ buttons on the Variable Palette without scrolling when a large number of page variables are listed.
  • YEL-3340: Resolved issue where active session count was reporting one less than actual.
  • YEL-3347: Resolved ability for an administrator to toggle an LDAP user’s lock state (the lock state-managed inside of edgeCore).
  • YEL-3353: Resolved regression in v3.7.0 blocking the System / Manage Sessions page from loading active sessions.
  • YEL-3355: Cleaned up error logging on system startup when attempting to log the resolved hostname and port the server has started on.
  • YEL-3361: Resolved issue preventing an administrator from disabling a connection when the connection’s license limit is reached.

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release, please see the support page for contact information.

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