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edgeCore 3.6.2 Release Notes

Security Updates

ES-144: Updated Spring Framework dependencies (bug fixes and CVE-2019-3774)

ES-144: Jackson DataBind library update (CVE-2018-14718, CVE-2018-14719, CVE-2018-14720, CVE-2018-14721, CVE-2018-19360, CVE-2018-19361, CVE-2018-19362).

ES-144: Tomcat 8.5.38 Update.

Compatibility Issues

Gauge Visualization: Thresholds and Comparative Value are no longer supported. Specifically, Linear Gauge from a pre-v3.5 system is not compatible with the current Linear Horizontal Gauge. Any older Linear Gauge Visualizations should be reviewed when you are upgrading to v3.5 or higher. They might have to be manually converted to the new Bullet Chart.

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release, please see the support page for contact information.

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