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edgeCore 3.6 Release Notes

New Features

YEL-1744: Enhanced Pages to be searchable in the mobile view.
YEL-2032: Added a prompt if overriding an existing archive when doing the backup.
YEL-2579: Added optional context string to a breadcrumb for ‘Switch To Page’ and ‘Show Visualization’ actions.
YEL-2681: Added ‘Copy to Clipboard’ action.
YEL-2909: Improved pipeline node’s Node Variable change management by notifying the administrator of changes needed for the affected downstream nodes and pages.
YEL-2983: Added the ability to ignore namespace information in XPath of XML Feed parsing.
YEL-3064: Added a description field for all pipeline nodes.
YEL-3110: Enhanced breadcrumb to allow fully-customizable value and strategy for ‘Switch To Page’ and ‘Show Visualization’ actions.
YEL-3140: Added the ability to allow export/import of HTML Template configurations.
YEL-3141: Added the ability to allow quick download of an archive from the backup summary dialog.
YEL-3142: Added the ability to allow the escape key to close edgeCore dialogs.
YEL-3144: Enhanced SQL Query and JavaScript script blocks in the pipeline nodes to allow for maximum editing area and better error rendering.
YEL-3178: Added the ability to add a new row to the top of a Page’s layout and insert a column/row before or after the current Visualization.
YEL-3180: Added a data wait indicator when applying changes to Page Variables on a page after it is fully loaded.
YEL-3209: Added the ability to allow ignoring SQL comments in a SQL Transform, Feed, or Action. Also improved SQL Transform node status by detecting when using a non-referenced data source, or when a referenced data source is not used in the query.
YEL-3220: Enhanced ‘Show Page’ and ‘Show Visualization’ actions so that a user without permission to access the targeted page will not see or perform the action.
YEL-3221: Enhanced sorting of strings in Visualizations to ignore case by default.
YEL-3233: Implemented Tomcat, Spring, and other Library updates.

Resolved Issues

YEL-2593: Fixed issue with selected links not highlighting in the Topology Relational Model editor.
YEL-2626: Addressed issues on Linux service installations; edgeCore now supports systemd service configurations required by newer Linux versions.
YEL-2642: Removed the Sync button from the left panel when editing Visualizations.
YEL-2809: Enhanced LDAP-backed domain and LDAP Connection UIs to prevent accidental deletion by a user of required attributes in User Search Filter and Group Search Filter fields.
YEL-3024: The removed display of JavaScript code from pipeline data-tip for JavaScript nodes.
YEL-3072: Fixed downstream mapping issues when a Node Variable is renamed
YEL-3078: Fixed issue where an empty page is displayed after adding a new cluster if primary is configured with a custom Look & Feel.
YEL-3089: Updated client custom Expression filter to allow a dataset to be changed. Improved client filters listing UI.
YEL-3111: Fixed Page Variable mappings when reparenting a Visualization that already existed on a page.
YEL-3112: Fixed the ability to auto-detect when a Page’s Page Variable mapping is out of sync.
YEL-3116: Fixed issue where initialization was delayed for SQL driver discovery.
YEL-3121: Fixed issue where connections were not flagged as updated by the restore wizard when endpoint properties had been updated.
YEL-3122: Fixed issue where XML Feed raw data download would be truncated for a large dataset.
YEL-3130: Added checks to prevent an administrator from accidentally picking a data source that is a descendant of the current node, which would cause the server to fail for a SQL or Javascript Transform.
YEL-3131: Fixed possible data retrieval errors following editing of a node by resubscribing all jobs dependent on an edited node, to fix errors such as table not found.
YEL-3133: Fixed an issue where changing the name of a JavaScript Transform’s data source resulted in a broken transform.
YEL-3137: Added notification for all client browsers to refresh whenever a partial import is done or connection is lost and then restored.
YEL-3138: Added the ability to allow ‘Pie Chart’ and ‘Small Multiples’ Visualizations with static series to render according to the order of the series.
YEL-3151: Added the ability to allow a Visualization’s data “freshness indicator” icons to be configurable via CSS.
YEL-3161: An updated pipeline to disallow reparenting from a node to itself or its downstream nodes.
YEL-3164: Improved client efficiency for data retrieval and test of Feed/Transform pipeline node UI.
YEL-3204: Improved SQL Transform node status by detecting when a non-existing Node Variable is referenced in the query.
YEL-3207: Fixed issue of Job state error not propagating down the pipeline when polling feed fails.
YEL-3212: Fixed issue in v3.5.2 on slow systems, causing failure to show Visualizations in the pipeline. The workaround is to make a change to the pipeline.
YEL-3213: Fixed Composite Icon Editor issue when displaying multiple icons in a single layer.
YEL-3216: Addressed issue where users were prevented from changing their own password, and if an admin changed their password it would flag it as changed by admin forcing them to reset the password at the next login.
YEL-3217: Added feedback to the login page when an attempt to log in if the server is not running.
YEL-3223: Improved pipeline node’s reparenting change management (except visualization and feed) by notifying the administrator of the changes needed for the affected downstream nodes and pages. (see also YEL-2909)
YEL-3238: Improved default settings for password policy and display of its numeric units.
YEL-3243: Restored the ability for JavaScript Transform’s getAttributes() function to access both source attributes and source records.
YEL-3250: Fixed issue with AreaSpline and Area charts which was not registering click events with overlapping areas.
YEL-3230:  Addressed Password Policy issues where:

    • admin reset of locked account did not unlock account, which remained locked due to inactivity on the next login attempt.
    • admin’s changing their own password would force users to change their password on login.
    • non-admins were blocked in some cases from changing their own passwords.
    • password history configuration restricting login in some cases, even after admin reset.

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release, please see the support page for contact information.

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