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edgeCore 3.5.3 Change Notes

New Features

YEL-2681: Added ‘Copy to Clipboard’ Action.
YEL-3140: Added the ability to allow export/import of HTML Template configurations.
YEL-3141: Added the ability to allow quick download of an archive from the backup summary dialog.
YEL-3221: Enhanced sorting of strings in Visualizations to ignore case by default.
YEL-3228: Added ability to harden/restrict trusted CA certificates using the trust store.

Resolved Issues

YEL-2593: Fixed issue with selected links not highlighting in the Topology Relational Model editor.YEL-2626: Addressed issues on Linux service installations; edgeCore now supports systemd service configurations required by newer Linux versions.
YEL-2920: Gracefully handle extra Node Variables passed into the upstream request. Rather than failing, the system just warns and skips the variable (no mapping required).
YEL-3024: Removed display of JavaScript code from pipeline data-tip for JavaScript nodes.
YEL-3131: Fixed possible data retrieval errors following editing of a node by re-subscribing all jobs dependent on an edited node, to fix errors such as table not found.
YEL-3203: Addressed issues where Server Jobs were not handled by the new code to reset subscriptions.
YEL-3205: Addressed issues where the login page did not show login failure messages. This would occur when customAuth was enabled with ‘account.principalChangeCheck=true’. The customAuth.js has a function requiresAuth():boolean that can run to detect if it should run on the request. This prevents customAuth from interfering with the default authentication flow on systems that support both custom and default.
YEL-3207: Addressed an error where JobState is not propagated down the pipeline when a polling feed fails.
YEL-3212: Addressed regression introduced in edgeCore 3.5.2 causing the pipeline view to fail (empty). This was only seen when running on slower systems.
YEL-3213: Fixed Composite Icon Editor issue when displaying multiple icons in a single layer.
YEL-3216: Addressed issue where users were prevented from changing their own password, and if an admin changed their password it would flag it as changed by admin forcing them to reset the password at the next login.
YEL-3217: Added feedback to the login page when an attempt to log in if the server is not running.
YEL-3230: Addressed Password Policy issues where:

        • admin reset of locked account did not unlock the account, which remained locked due to inactivity on the next login attempt.
        • admin’s changing their own password would force users to change their password on login.
        • non-admins were blocked in some cases from changing their own passwords.
        • password history configuration restricting login in some cases, even after admin reset.

YEL-3233: Library updates/fixes applied: Tomcat 8.5.34.
YEL-3238: Improved Password Policy editor’s presentation of the configuration time units and applied better default values on Password Policy creation.
YEL-3246: Addressed issue in ScriptUtil where the version.json was lost from the processed backup/export.
YEL-3253: Addressed an issue where edgeCore shutdown requests could hang, requiring the administrator to kill the process.

Known Issues

Pages with directly or indirectly re-parented visualizations can result in an error condition in page(s) where the Visualization already has been placed. The only way to recover is to remove the Visualization from the affected pages and re-add it. Any actions/filters/options would have to be recreated. This release contains an update to prevent getting into this condition, but it does not resolve it when this error state is already present. An additional update is planned for the next release to help correct pages where invalid mappings were caused by re-parented visualizations.

Compatibility Issues

Gauge Visualization: Thresholds and Comparative Value are no longer supported. Specifically, Linear Gauge from a pre-v3.5 system is not compatible with the current Linear Horizontal Gauge. Any older Linear Gauge Visualizations should be reviewed when you are upgrading to v3.5 or higher. They might have to be manually converted to the new Bullet Chart.

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release, please see the support page for contact information.

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