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edgeCore 3.5.1 Release Notes

Resolved CVEs

YEL-3134: Updated to the latest Apache LDAP Library.
YEL-3135: Updated Spring Framework Libraries.

Resolved Issues

YEL-1656:  Addressed an issue to ensure that modules cannot be loaded as a standard backup.
YEL-3111:   Addressed an error when re-parenting a visualization that already existed in a page; the page references to the previous parent producer were not updated.
YEL-3126:  Addressed an issue where double-clicking Pipeline Nodes would occasionally open the wrong Node.
YEL-3127:  Resolved regression preventing the UI restore of full and partial backups created in v3.5.0. On edgeSuite v3.5.0, administrators had to use the console to perform restores.
YEL-3128:  Resolved regression introduced in edgeSuite v3.5.0 where modified Pipeline Nodes would result in ‘Table not found’ errors, requiring a system restart to resolve.
YEL-3129:  Improved web status code error handling.
YEL-3136:  Updated MariaDB JDBC Driver (addressing an error with statements containing new lines that called stored procedures).
YEL-3146:  Resolved issue where XML XSLT Feeds failed when attempting to apply a Secured Variable to the configuration.

Known Issues

Pages with directly or indirectly re-parented visualizations can result in an error condition in page(s) where the Visualization already has been placed. The only way to recover is to remove the Visualization from the affected pages and re-add it. Any actions/filters/options would have to be recreated. This release contains an update to prevent getting into this condition, but it does not resolve it when this error state is already present. An additional update is planned for the next release to help correct pages where invalid mappings were caused by re-parented visualizations.

Compatibility Issues

Gauge Visualization: Thresholds and Comparative Value are no longer supported. Specifically, Linear Gauge from a pre-v3.5 system is not compatible with the current Linear Horizontal Gauge. Any older Linear Gauge Visualizations should be reviewed when you are upgrading to v3.5 or higher. They might have to be manually converted to the new Bullet Chart.

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release, please see the support page for contact information.

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