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edgeCore 3.4.2 Release Notes

New Features

YEL-2596: Added the ability to assign colors to blocks in TreeMap Visualization.

YEL-2990: Added Show Widget Generated Data Tip String, which will enable a tooltip to list selected fields and values for records in Chart Visualizations.

YEL-3009: Added data freshness indication to Visualization container header.

YEL-3027: Added support for Boolean variable type in Rule Sets.

YEL-3036: Added the ability to control the visualization container’s border as well as its header’s visibility.

YEL-3038: Enabled CSV feed to interpret 0’s and 1’s strings as Boolean.

YEL-3041: Support pass-through Kerberos authentication for web adapter content.

Resolved CVEs

YEL-3045: Upgraded Spring Framework and Spring Security libraries to address a potential vulnerability in STOMP/WebSocket handling.

    • CVE-2018-1275: addresses the partial fix for CVE-2018-1270 in the 4.3.dx branch of the Spring Framework.

Resolved Issues

YEL-3012: Fixed the issue of two or more Visualizations of the same data source, when placed on the same page, causing one of the Visualization’s configured sort order to affect the other Visualizations of the same data source.

YEL-3013: Updated Getting Started pdf document to match up with the latest changes in the User Interface. Note: this file will be removed from future releases, as it is redundant with the same exercise in the online documentation.

YEL-3014: Updated default Restore Wizard to restore users by default.

YEL-3025: Enhanced cookie handling where the domain is specified when a non-default port is used for web connection. edgeWeb should ignore server/host/port qualification when filtering cookies by domain.

YEL-3035: Resolved partial backup of HeatMap or Flow Diagram Visualizations resulting in missing color palette of the Visualization used in its configuration.

YEL-3037: Fixed issue with partial import of an older archive with Switch To Page action not working after import.

YEL-3040: Fixed an issue where users were unable to reset their password after it expired or was reset by an administrator.

YEL-3042: Fixed noisy null pointer exception messages in logs when cloning collections on the server.

YEL-3043: Fixed reporting of server errors to the client to prevent subsequent JSON serialization error.

YEL-3046: Resolved an issue causing missing Table visualization color/formatting rules in a backup.

YEL-3048: Fixed issue of HTML Visualization wizard preview screen not rendering.

YEL-3052: Fixed issue where Visualization filtering conditions with null data resulted in incorrect filter results.

YEL-3055: The resolved issue of Web Content Visualization getting stuck in displaying “Loading …” message, when error message should have been displayed.

YEL-3057: Fixed error reporting with proxied content when the initial request to backend server fails.

YEL-3058: Fixed import error related to ProducerInstanceDO being null.

YEL-3060: Increased default Auth DB connection pool size to 20 and made it configurable.

YEL-3061: Fixed issue where the Custom JavaScript Feed was unexpectedly converting multi-line input data to a single continuous line.

YEL-3062: Added caching of user’s Secured Variable values for the session to improve data pipeline performance.

YEL-3065: Fixed watchdog code that cleans up pipeline jobs for terminated sessions that might fail with a null pointer exception.

YEL-3067: Restored edgesession.log file and added edgeaudit.log file. Logging session and audit information to the database now only occurs if using an external authentication database.

YEL-3073: Resolved issue where an archive created prior to edgeCore v3.2.8 on a Windows system was not able to be imported correctly due to a character encoding issue.

YEL-3074: Fixed issue with sessions’ last access time not updating.

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release, please see the support page for contact information.

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