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edgeCore 3.10.0 Release Notes

ES-361 – Upgraded jQuery library to address the following reported vulnerability: CVE-2015-9251.

edgeRPA Resolved Issues

ES-511 – Resolved RPA Script Playback UI issues.
ES-550 – The resolved issue was maximizing the RPA Toolbar would cause the change detection code to warn of unsaved changes.
ES-573 – Resolved display issues on the RPA Playback Summary Grid, in which the grid flashed and showed scrollbars when not needed in light theme, and failed to display in dark theme.
ES-574 – The resolved issue where the “play to step” action did not show a result in the RPA summary grid.
ES-578 – Resolved RPA Script Center display issues in the Internet Explorer 11 browser.

edgeRPA New Features

ES-492 – Added a “switch to page” RPA script command.
ES-502 – Added the ability to click to select a step on the RPA Script editor.

edgeCore Resolved Issues

ES-116 – Addressed issue when changing Single Sign-on (SSO) rules where the proxy would queue up a new SignOnAttempt, but count both processes towards the redirect limit.
ES-408 – Addressed issue where password policy checks were performed on a user authenticated through custom auth, which typically required additional code in customAuth.js to avoid password policy checks from breaking the custom authenticated session from being established.
ES-414 – The resolved issue where the current edgeWeb data response needed to be reset when the existing Single Sign-on (SSO) session was re-established due to a timeout or other error.
ES-418 – Addressed issue where Linear Vertical Gauge values were not shown when length/width values are adjusted down.
ES-455 – Addressed issue in the Arc Gauge Visualization where the maximum and minimum labels were not displaying or cut off when using List Orientation (Flow) layout configuration.
ES-478– The resolved issue where Constraints used with Actions were not included in the partial backup.
ES-486 – Resolved issue where Action menu order did not match what was configured.
ES-496 – The resolved issue where the id field used to identify a node was not repeatable (updated to allow an administrator to define what columns should be used to calculate the identity of a node). When the identity was reset, the custom layout position was lost.
ES-508 – The resolved issue where the Delete/Clone button in the pipeline node options wheel was not disabled for a System Metrics Connection.
ES-528 – The resolved issue where the drop-down visualization selector was not dismissing when the visualization is maximized.
ES-531 – General library dependency updates as part of standard maintenance.
ES-558 – The resolved issue where Client Filter Listing was empty when the dependency count failed.
ES-559 – The resolved issue where Ruleset Listing was empty when the dependency count failed.
ES-563 – Resolved issue where a greedy cleanup of the user’s current expired session skipped execution of the Single Sign-on (SSO) sign-out rules.
ES-567 – Resolved issue where a server exception was generated in the logs when creating a new GUI filter transform, even though the node was created.
ES-568 – Resolved issue where the edgeCore theme changer drop-down menu was visible only after toggling the “Inherit?” control.
ES-569 – Resolved issue where the Domain Password Policy override UI sometimes did not save changes.
ES-577 – Resolved issue where EntitilementMetrics keyword found in older restores was missing an upgrade script (restores from pre-v3.9.0 backups may report issues with ClassNotFoundException).
ES-580 – Resolved issue where the manage actions UI showed an empty row when the page for a Switch to Page action is missing.
ES-583 – Resolved issue where edgeCore’s format chooser for renderers was no longer showing ‘icon’ as an option (e.g. String data type).

edgeCore New Features

ES-174 – Added access in the HTML Template Visualization to the container div via ‘$scope.containerElement’ and to the widgetId via ‘$scope.widgetID’. This can be used to limit jQuery DOM searching to within the Visualization, avoiding potential access to unwanted DOM nodes.
ES-176 – Improved Adapter (Module) administration user interface, switching the ‘+’ button to ‘Activate Module’ to make it clearer that modules may be loaded on to the system but must be activated.
ES-179 – Added rule-based and default background colors to the List Visualization.
ES-186 – Added ability to stay in Edit mode when switching pages.
ES-408 – Extended the Custom Auth interface to support a simple customAuthResponse object passed in on the getPrincipal function. Full details of options are shown via the customAuth.sample.js file, showing options for adding groups, Secured Variables, and user attributes.
ES-409 – Implemented CustomAuth enhancements allowing multiple customAuth.js files to be registered (to better encapsulate the various types of auth) and allowing it to mark the auth request as completed.
ES-512 – Added ability for a Server Action to prompt for record value but also show selected value from the table where the action is run from.

Updates to Command Line Interface

ES-382 – Added new CLI command to fetch data from performance metrics and other tabular sources available in the pipeline. This command supports passing in Node Variables.
ES-484 – Added new CLI cluster command to allow the edgeCore instance to join and leave a clustered configuration.

Known Issues

edgeCore uses the H2 database in support of the SQL Transforms. SQL that uses Common Table Expression (CTE) ‘WITH’ clauses have been identified as causing two issues.

  1. Lock Timeouts: Transforms fail to run; as temporary tables fail to be cleaned up.
  2. Memory Leaks: The temporary table results are not being cleaned up properly in all instances; and it will trigger Out Of Memory on the JVM.

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release, please see the support page for contact information.

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