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Resource Bundles

edgeCore version: 4.6.2

With resource bundles, you are able to name certain fields in edgeCore the way that reflects your preferences.


  • Create customAuth.js file that provides a way to pass in a JSON object of key-value pairs used for lookups (see screenshot)
  • After creating the customAuth.js file, place it in edgeCore’s scripts folder
  • Hit the server with http://localhost:8080/login?trustedUser=admin to get it to authenticate using the custom auth


Where to Use Resource Bundles in edgeCore

Resource bundles (key-value pairs) can be used in the following places:

  • Table visualization column header labels
  • Charts (series labels, axis label, legend)
  • Actions (tooltip labels, action names which are displayed in the menu)
  • List visualization labels
  • HTML Template (available off component.bundle or <span>{{bundle.Key1}}</span> in the HTML)
  • Timeline Visualization labels
  • Custom ‘no data’ messages for visualizations

To use a value in the resource bundle in edgeCore, you should enter ${bundle.key1} inside a field.


In our customAuth script, we have the following key-value pairs: Key1:Test1 , Key2:Test2, Key3:Test3

When configuring a list visualization, we have entered {bundle.Key1} in the Label field for one of the items:

As a result, the label for that item is now the value from the script:

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