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This page summarizes the new features, resolved issues, and known issues in edgeCore version 3.4.0, released on March 26, 2018.

What is edgeCore?

edgeCore is a data integration and data visualization platform that dramatically redefines the cost/benefit equation for the development and deployment of real-time business systems dashboards. EdgeCore allows you to connect, integrate, visualize, and interact with your data in a simple, straight-forward environment. The end result is a powerful, compelling dashboards that summarize data from multiple sources and can be accessed from any device.

Supported Platform Changes

There are no changes to supported platforms in this edgeCore release.

edgeCore 3.4.0 Change Notes


YEL-1571:  New support for subscriptions on Dynamic Constraints. Page Variables using Dynamic constraints will now update to reflect changes in the underlying dataset.
YEL-1686:  New Composite Icon Renderers. Icon renderers now support multiple layers of icons, and each layer can be driven by different rule sets.
YEL-1765:  New and improved JavaScript Feed and JavaScript Transform. They’re now “cleaner”, and more “Javascripty”.

YEL-1841:  New timeline zoom and pan controls with a graphical summary. Zoom in and out and a scroll will limit you to what is in the dataset.

YEL-2341:  New support for distributed clusters.

YEL-2346:  New configuration deployment support. This enables synchronization of configuration across distributed cluster instances.
YEL-2549:  New Expression Based Rule Sets. Graphical rule sets now to support the use of AND/OR operators.
YEL-2549:  New JavaScript Based Rule Sets. Rulesets now have an advanced option. Instead of using the graphical editor, rules can now be written in JavaScript.
YEL-2600:  New base metrics and status captured for edgeCore clustered servers.
YEL-2609:  New support for load balancers to differentiate between admin and content sessions.
YEL-2635:  New cluster management user interface. This displays the status of edgeCore servers in a cluster and provides a snapshot management table.
YEL-2797:  New ability for Pipeline filters to update the URL. This means edgeCore captures the history, and the browser back button can be used to step through previous pipeline filters.
YEL-2810:  New provision for edgeCore to test output log messages for JavaScript Server Actions directly from the User Interface.
YEL-2819:  New ability for Feed and Transform nodes to be viewed when there is an upstream error in the pipeline.
YEL-2819:  New ability to modify Node Variable mappings even when there is an upstream error.
YEL-2829:  New radial menus for pipeline nodes. This places available actions closer to the user’s mouse pointer.
YEL-2834: The new concept of a “Restore Profile” has been added to the restore process. This helps distinguish between different groups of developers generating content.
YEL-2836:  New automatic creation of Full Backups of the system before every restore operation. They can be accessed via the Snapshot tab on the Backup and Restore page.

YEL-2851:  New restore wizard that indicates conflicts prior to performing a restore, and provides finer-grained options for resolving conflicts.

YEL-2870:  New Pipeline delete option. When deleting a pipeline node, edgeCore now provides an option to walk the dependency tree and remove all child nodes.


YEL-1765:  Enhanced JavaScript Actions to supply validation messages when successfully completed.
YEL-2347: Moved Audit Log table to the Authentication database to better support a clustered environment.
YEL-2425: Improved error handling when testing a Web Data Feed in the case of a redirect response.
YEL-2435: Enhanced initialization requests for Proxy URIs (firstRequest property).
YEL-2512: Eliminated unnecessary server restarts for partial restore.
YEL-2543: Removed invalid restore options from a dialog when performing a partial restore.
YEL-2543: Enhanced Full Backups to offer a content-only option.
YEL-2549: Expanded support for transparency (alpha) in Color Rules.
YEL-2592:  Added the ability to alter column header styles in Table Visualization.
YEL-2592:  Enhanced Table Visualization such that alignment of column headers can now be set independently from the values displayed in that column.
YEL-2620: Updated system-provided color palettes, constraints, and map tiles to be locked. This prevents unintentional overrides when restoring partial backups.
YEL-2757:  Updated client-side paging to automatically be enabled when virtual scrolling is disabled. This eliminates performance issues when virtual scrolling is disabled, and a Table Visualization attempts to display a very large data set.
YEL-2779:  Added a small delay before showing tooltips, per user feedback.
YEL-2788:  Enhanced download functionality such that, when downloading a data set, users can now specify a date format.
YEL-2817:  Enhanced Jobs view so it is now accessed from a specific pipeline node. This contextually filters the Jobs view by a specific pipeline, making it easier to analyze and troubleshoot.
YEL-2818:  Improved warning indication on Pipeline nodes. edgeCore now indicates when there are potential Node Variable mapping issues.
YEL-2828:  Added “Bezier” link style option to better differentiate node relationships. This option is available in pipeline preferences.
YEL-2828:  Added pipeline double click preference. Users can now map the double click event to be a filter action instead of an edit. ALT + Double Click will perform the inverse of whatever has been configured.
YEL-2828:  Added default mouse wheel behavior. The mouse wheel now scrolls by default instead of the previous zoom. This behavior can be configured in pipeline preferences. ALT + MouseWheel will perform the inverse of whatever has been configured.
YEL-2830:  Added a pipeline option for selecting the target of a reparent. This provides an alternative to the existing drag and drop system, for when the target of a reparent is hidden due to a pipeline filter.
YEL-2834:  Enhanced restore procedure to supply all elements with an admin-supplied suffix to avoid naming conflicts. This now includes global items such as Variable Constraints, Color Palettes, and Map Layers.
YEL-2844:  Enhanced the “Connections” view to show license information.
YEL-2844:  Enhanced the default column sort behavior in Table Visualization. It is now bound to the optional client filter sort, which can be displayed in the footer.
YEL-2860:  Enhanced upstream Node Variable labels to include the parent’s name as dot notation. This helps clarify where the inherited Node Variable is coming from.

YEL-2897: Added edgeCore version to the backup and restore user interface.
YEL-2919:  Enhanced page management such that, when moving a page to a new folder, edgeCore now asks whether the provisioning information for that page should be migrated.
YEL-2943:  Enhanced Gauge Visualization such that the single gauge will now take up the full width and height of the parent’s container when there is only 1 arc gauge displayed.

Bug Fixes

YEL-2475: Enhanced override collision strategy on a Full Restore.

YEL-2510: Updated data visualization dependency scanning to ensure partial backup captures all dependencies such as color custom palettes, custom icons, etc.

YEL-2510: Improved code for updating IDs in property values when restoring from a Partial backup.

YEL-2513: Fixed issues with a partial restore of visualizations when using the “Duplicate” mode.

YEL-2521: Fixed several issues with dependency discovery that could result in missing elements from partial backups.

YEL-2526: Fixed palettes to only store color palette names instead of the whole color palette data object in the Flow, TreeMap, and Heat Map configuration JSON objects.

YEL-2539: Fixed issue causing duplicate map layers in the backup/restore script.

YEL-2549: Fixed an upgrade issue affecting the numeric formatter’s negative number style.
YEL-2549: Updated custom palettes to be correctly referenced from Rule Sets when creating partial backups.

YEL-2550: Removed config.sql from the archive when doing a partial restore.

YEL-2570: Resolved issues with Heat Map dynamic thresholds.

YEL-2572: Fixed text alignment in table cell renderers, such that numbers now display right-aligned by default.

YEL-2595: Fixed cross-talk between D3 visualizations. Two Flow Visualizations or two TreeMap visualizations, driven by the same relational model, no longer interfere with each other when used on the same page.

YEL-2614: Updated backup procedures such that proxy rules files are included as export dependencies for feeds, and SSO rules files are included as export dependencies for web connections.

YEL-2634: Fixed a Gauge rendering issue which could cause gauges to disappear when a client filter was applied.
YEL-2868: Fixed renderers such that selected background color now overrides any defined row or cell background color.
YEL-2891: Fixed a Javascript error when viewing a Database Feed off of a Database Connection that is marked as “unlicensed” by the server due to a missing driver.

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release, please see the support page for contact information.

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