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Pipeline Data API Overview & Remote Pipeline Setup

How to Set up the Remote Pipeline

  1. On a remote server, when configuring a feed, enable the Publish Dataset via Rest API toggle switch that allows other edgeCore servers or third-party software to connect to this server’s pipeline.
  2. Edit a user on the remote server and generate an API key.
  3. On the server you wish to connect, create a new connection System > edgeCore Pipeline.
  4. Enter the URL and use the access key generated above.
  5. Create the appropriate feeds that will reference the remote servers.


Make sure to watch our walkthrough video:

API Overview

edgeCore version: 4.3.2

  1. Get producers (feeds and transforms) that are enabled to publish data by calling GET /public/pipeline/producers/remote ;
    The name of the producer, its ID, and type are returned in the response.
  2. Use either the name or the ID of the producer (retrieved in step 1) to fetch the data set.
    This is done by calling GET /public/pipeline/producers/remote/{producerId}/fetch ;



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