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Oracle With Kerberos Authentication

Setting Up Oracle With Kerberos Authentication

The first step in setting up Kerberos authentication is to download edgeCore 3.11.5 or above that contains a new Oracle Kerberos connection as well as additional changes needed.
After you download and setup edgeCore for your environment next step will be to set up your edgeCore server for the Kerberos connection. That includes setting krb5.conf file on your server as well as registering your Kerberos account by running kinit command.

You can find additional instructions on how to set it up here.

After that is completed you will have to add a Java option to that is located in your edgeCoreFolder/bin/

Add this option: = /pathToKrbFile/krb5.conf
If you already have Custom JAVA_OPTS you will have to append this option = /pathToKrbFile/krb5.conf

After settings are changed restart your edgeCore instance and set up the connection through edgeCore.

Oracle connection uses JDBC URL for connection along with Kerberos username and password.

There are two formats for JDBC string:

  • This one is if you are using service name:
  • This one is to use if you have database SID:

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