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Number Renderer

Number Renderers deal with formatting numeric values.  They extend text renderer to handle font style and color. 

Number Formatting Options

Limit Decimal Places

This Boolean determines whether decimal values should be rounded when displayed.

  • Yes – A spinner control will appear, allowing you to configure the number of decimal places that should be shown.
  • No – The renderer will display what is in the raw data.

Show Thousands Separator

This Boolean determines whether a separator is used when displaying numbers greater than 1000.  The separator symbol is localized and will vary based upon geographic location.

Yes 1,000 Uses a separator for thousands.
No 1000 It does not use a separator when displaying thousands.

Negative Numbers – Controls how negative numbers are rendered.

  • 1 (1000)
  • 2 (-1000)


Allows a prefix to be used with a number, to convey a unit of measure. The example below shows currency.



Allows a suffix to be used with a number. This is used to convey a unit of measure. The example below shows weight.

100.00 lbs

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