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Message Catalog

The message catalog is a list of translatable strings, identified by a unique key.  In an adapter module, these files are in messages/<adapter-name>/. The default strings are in and any translations are in messages_<language>.properties where <language> is the language tag as per IETF BCP 47.  Typical names would be,

A number of fields in appdef.json can optionally specify a string in the message catalog by simply specifying the key rather than a fixed string.  The fields where this is possible are:

  • feed definition displayName
  • additional property displayNamehelpText
  • app definition displayNamedescription

An example is below, for strings used in the various examples throughout this document.

ConnectionType.Example.description=Example application server connection
FeedType.ExampleBase.DisplayName=Example BaseFeedType.ExampleSearch.DisplayName=Example Search
FeedType.Example.hideHeader.DisplayName=Hide Header
FeedType.Example.hideHeader.helpText=Hide the header pane that normally appears when using Example directly


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