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Kiosk Mode


Kiosk Mode enables hands-free navigation. When Kiosk Mode is enabled, the user interface will automatically rotate through a configured group of pages. An administrator can configure how long each page is displayed.

User Interface

When in kiosk mode, the banner is altered. Tabs are replaced with a Kiosk Control bar, which allows an end-user to pause the page rotation. “Back” and “Next” controls are also provided, allowing end-users to skip to the desired page.

Configuring Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode can be configured for individual users, or for a Domain of users. It is enabled using the provisioning user interface, and configuration settings can be found on the “Kiosk” tab.

Properties Description
Enable Kiosk Mode Yes
Page Duration How many seconds to display each page. The minimum duration is 5 seconds.
Hide Header Hides the banner area and breadcrumb bar. If Hide Header is on, then the Kiosk control will be hidden as well.
Reload Time How many minutes before the application reloads itself. This prevents memory leaks in the browser window. If Kiosk Mode is paused by the end-user, then refresh will be stopped as well. The minimum value is 1 min.

Page List

This list of pages determines the order in which the pages will appear while in Kiosk Mode. Pages can be re-ordered using a drag and drop mechanic. The same page can be entered multiple times and configured so they all use different values for Page Variables. In the example below, the same page is configured three times. However, the “NationalParks” Page Variable has a different value each time. This means that instead of flipping to a different page, the context of the existing page will be updated.

Clicking “Edit” on a page in this list opens the “Edit Page Setting” dialog. This dialog lets an administrator configure how long to display the page, as well as what values to use for any Page Variables used on the page.


Properties Description
Page Duration How many seconds to display for this page. The minimum value is 5 seconds.
Page Variables List of Page Variables allowing selection of a value to use or the selected page.


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