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Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available in edgeCore:


Description Windows shortcut MacOS shortcut
Open the selected node in the pipeline Double-click Double-click
Access the Advanced Search dialog while viewing the pipeline Ctrl + Shift + F command + Shift + F
Open the selected connection in the Connections list Double-click Double-click
Edit the selected page in the list of Pages Double-click Double-click
Edit the selected user in Provision Users Double-click Double-click
Start restoring a backup Double-click Double-click
Edit the selected rule set in Rules Double-click Double-click
Edit the selected constraint in Constraints Double-click Double-click
Edit the selected client filter in Client Filters Double-click Double-click
In Extensions, check whether there are new versions of the extension on the server

activate the extension if the extension hasn’t been activated

Double-click Double-click
In Theme Management, preview the selected theme Double-click Double-click
Open the contextual menu Right-click Right-click
Select text Shift+any arrow key

Ctrl + A to select all

Shift+any arrow key
Copy Ctrl+C command+C
Cut Ctrl+X command+X
Paste Ctrl+V command+V
Undo Ctrl+Z command+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y command+Shift+Z
Close dialogs Esc esc
Bring up autocomplete options in JavaScript and SQL feeds, transforms, actions, and HTML template Ctrl + space control + space
Insert node variable after . in {src.} in SQL wizard Ctrl + space control + space
Select multiple archives that you want to delete in Backup & Restore Ctrl + click command + click
Get debug information in the browser console for a page that has active subscriptions (introduced in 4.3.11-hotfix7) Ctrl + Shift + L control + shift + L
Navigate to page/open page in View mode (introduced in 4.5.0, demo) Ctrl + click  Alt + click

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