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Installing DB (JDBC) Drivers

Due to licensing restrictions edgeCore ships with a limited set of JDBC drivers. The information below covers the included drivers, and drivers requiring installation. Connection Types missing the required JDBC driver will not be available when configuring connections in the pipeline.

Included JDBC Drivers

Database Filename Notes
MySQL / MariaDB / jSONAR mariadb-java-client-1.5.5.jar  
PostgreSQL postgresql-9.4.1212.jar  
Microsoft SQL Server mssql-jdbc-6.1.0.jre8.jar  

JDBC Drivers Requiring Installation

Ensure to install the latest version of the JDBC 4+ driver.

Database Link to JDBC Driver (typical) Filename Notes
DB2 DB2 JDBC Driver db2jcc4.jar Driver may be included with the DB2 installation.
Oracle Oracle JDBC Driver ojdbc7.jar Driver may be included with the Oracle installation.
Sybase Sybase JDBC Driver jconn4.jar Driver may be included with the Sybase installation.

Installation Steps

  1. Obtain the appropriate JDBC driver
  2. Copy the JAR file to [INSTALL_HOME]/lib/
  3. Restart edgeCore.

Files in [INSTALL_HOME]/lib/ are automatically backed up in archives and restored. Note that when loading an archive with a JAR edgeCore will still require a restart.

Other Databases

It may be possible to connect to other databases by installing a JDBC driver and registering a new Connection Type for the database. Please contact Support for assistance.

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