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Automation: How to Lock Scripts

edgeCore version 4.4.3

If you are working on a script to which multiple users have access and also the edit permission, you might want to prevent those users from making changes to the script and in that way let them know that you are working on it. To do so, you can lock the script, and other users will see that the script has been locked (and by whom).
You can watch a short demo here.

To lock a script:

  1. In the Script Recorder, load the script you want to lock (click and select the script from the list).
    In the Recorder, the Lock Script icon will become active.
  2. Click the Lock Script icon.
    A message notifies you that the script is successfully saved, and in the Recorder a new icon will appear () enabling you to unlock the script.
    Alternatively, you can both lock and unlock the script in the Script Center when the script is maximized.

After you have locked the script, other users accessing the list of available scripts will see that the script is locked and who locked it in the Locked By column.

However, if other users select the locked script and click Load, in the Script Recorder a new icon will appear enabling them to break the lock. The message will then notify them that the script is being edited. In this case, the user trying to break the lock should contact the user who locked the script.
If another user “breaks lock” while the script is still being edited by the person who locked it, the changes made by the person who locked it will be lost.

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