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Heat Map

Display data in the form of a matrix in which values are represented as colors.

Data Structure

The Heat Map Visualization requires data to be structured as a matrix. It expects X-Axis and Y-Axis values to appear as Attributes within the data. See example below:

1 Mon 16
2 Mon 20
3 Mon 0

Heat Map Configuration

The Heat Map Visualization configuration is broken out into three steps:

  1. Configure
    Identifies the name and some baseline properties of the visualization.
  2. Renderer
    Determines colors for the Heat Map.
  3. Preview
    Previews the end result based on the choices you made.

Step 1: Configure

Configuring a Heat Map involves mapping attribute names to the appropriate axis of the Visualization.


Name of the Visualization.

X-Axis Column

Attribute used for the X-Axis of the Heat Map (horizontal axis).

Show X-Axis Labels

Determines whether to show labels for the X-Axis (horizontal axis).

Yes X-Axis labels will be shown at the top of the Visualization
No X-Axis labels are hidden.

Y-Axis Column

Attribute used for the Y-Axis of the Heat Map (vertical axis).

Show Y-Axis Labels

Determines whether to show labels for the Y-Axis (vertical axis).

Yes Y-Axis labels will be shown on the left hand side of the Visualization
No Y-Axis labels are hidden.

Y-Axis Label Width

Width allotted for the Y-axis label.

Min 30
Max None

Step 2: Renderer

The Heat Map’s renderer conveys the concept of heat. The larger the value, the warmer the temperature.

Derived Thresholds

Determines how “heat” is calculated.

Auto generate from a palette Generates a dynamic ruleset based on colors available in a color palette. The number of threshold colors in the Heat Map will equal the number of colors in the color palette.
Generate from a ruleset Uses an explicit Rule Set to determine heat.

Values Column

Select an attribute to determine “heat” (intensity) of the cells. It must be an attribute with numeric values.

Color Palette

This property will appear when Derived Thresholds is set to false. The color palette will determine the granularity of the Heat Map. For example, if a color palette has 10 colors, then the Heat Map will calculate 10 threshold values. All 10 colors from the color palette will appear in the Heat Map’s legend.

See Color Palettes for more information.

Corner Radius

Determines the corner radius of each cell in the grid.  The values are specified as a percentage.

0 Square
25 Rounded Squares
50 Circles

Step 3: Preview

Provides a preview of the resulting Visualization.

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