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Glossary of Terms

This glossary of terms contains definitions of commonly used terms throughout our products and documentation.


Term Definition
Adapters The mechanism for extending the edgeCore pipeline’s range of possible data sources and command interfaces. Customers and competitive products may refer to these as integrations (machine to machine) and interfaces (person to machine);
There are many kinds of adapters in edgeCore;
Admin server The server where admins build new content (pages, data pipelines) and where configuration changes should be performed


Term Definition
Branding and Customization Updating the look and feel of edgeCore to match the themes and workflow requirements of an organization; Themes can be in the form of customer or provider logo branding and color schemes for status and border colors; Workflow can be specific decision points that direct the conduct of work according to the customers’ or providers’ policies.


Term Definition
Connections Pipeline node which represents a connection to a data source and contains all of the configuration information required to connect to that source; This node serves as a grouping mechanism for data sets in the system;
Constraints Rules that restrict the input of a variable and prevent end-users from breaking queries and scripts with invalid values
Content Management Segmenting edgeCore visualizations into pages
Content server The server used by clients to access their provisioned pages and interact with the system as a non-admin
Client filter Used to reduce the number of records that are displayed in a visualization


Term Definition
Extensible Authentication Integration of various security and authentication schemes provided by applications in the edgeCore ecosystem


Term Definition
Interaction Framework The engine that updates all aspects of the system in real time in response to user activity


Term Definition
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, which is a lightweight client-server protocol for accessing directory services


Term Definition
Multi-tenancy Segmenting data and configuration so that multiple customers (such as those of a Managed Service Provider) can independently and securely use the system at the same time


Term Definition
Node Different colored object the data pipeline is comprised of;

Each node has a color and icon associated with it, indicating the type of operation performed at that step.


Term Definition
Pipeline Used for managing data flow
Poll Interval Used to specify how often you can access the data for a feed and also how often the data changes (in seconds).
If a server subscription is active (another user is using that node or a server job is making it active), the current data retrieved will be returned. It will not refresh until all server-side subscriptions are closed and a new one is open. If you set the poll interval to 0, that means the data is very static, and you do not expect it to change.
Poll interval will apply when a job has active subscriptions in the topology, and we keep jobs active for 12 seconds after the last subscriber is removed.
Example: If the poll rate is 2 hours, but users open and leave the page, you may see the actual job rate be much faster (like every 30 seconds);
Pages Named collections of visualizations;

User permissions for accessing visualizations are provisioned at the page level;

Provisioning Used for mapping users to pages of content


Term Definition
RPA Robotic process automation – a product used to increase productivity and relay the repetitive and complex tasks to a computer process
Rule Sets Used to control how data is presented in a visualization


Term Definition
SSO (Single Sign-on) Credential Management Managing the external accounts and credentials for users to access each of the systems that are integrated into edgeCore
Server Subscription Used in order for data to be continually fetched, updated, and cached.
Server subscription will apply to the defaults, so if you have a server subscription that has node variables or secured variables, it will only prefetch using the default configuration. An active page job topology can end up running jobs that are specific to the runtime nodeVar and secVar values.
Secured Variables Global variables that can be used throughout the system to lock down data access


Term Definition
Transform Used to perform a structural change to the data


Term Definition
User Management Managing the internal accounts and credentials for users who log in to edgeCore


Term Definition
Visualization One or more frames of content provided to the end-user;

Every visualization requires a source of data;

View Modes Different ways the data pipeline can be viewed – Topology, Table, Tree Table


Term Definition
Web connection The information required to connect to a web application
Web feeds A method of bringing web content from an application into edgeCore




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