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Get Secured Variables by User

EdgeCore version: 4.3.0


GET /public/users/{userName}/secvars

Used to retrieve secured variables by a specific user.


Name Type Description Mandatory
string Username of the user Yes

If domain name is not included (userName@domainName), it assumes the default domain.

cURL example

curl --location --request GET 'http://localhost:8080/public/users/jane/secvars' \
--header 'edgeApiKey: YWRtaW5AZGVmYXVsdHx3IDNHe2tMZTYhMkZkO3J3cipDaSZUdio5' 

Example Response

    "CompanyName": {
        "userId": "9uvkg2-h266vjk3v3fb",
        "userName": "jane",
        "domainId": "9uvkg2-h266vjk3uc90",
        "doClass": "UserSecVarValueDO",
        "id": "bnc7r3-k9rmpkhprmgk",
        "varName": "CompanyName",
        "value": {
            "doClass": "SpStringValueDO",
            "isParameter": false,
            "primitiveValue": "Edge"
        "inheritedValue": null,
        "inheritedValueScope": null

HTTP Response

Code Status Description
200 OK The request has succeeded.

Additionally, if {} is returned in the response, that means no secured variables have been set.

404 Not Found The user could not be found.

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