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Get Data Producers

EdgeCore version: 4.3.2


GET /public/pipeline/producers/remote 

Used to retrieve a list of producers that are enabled to publish data via the API.


No parameters

cURL example

curl --location --request GET 'http://localhost:8080/public/pipeline/producers/remote' \
--header 'edgeApiKey: YWRtaW5AZGVmYXVsdHx3IDNHe2tMZTYhMkZkO3J3cipDaSZUdio5' 

Example Response

        "name": "producertest",
        "id": "s3pvsu-k636f3lq760n",
        "type": "EdgeJobStatusFeed"
        "name": "remoteproducer",
        "id": "s3pvsu-k636f3lq6g97",
        "type": "Javascript Feed"
        "name": "testremote",
        "id": "s3pvsu-k636f3lq7243",
        "type": "Javascript Feed"

HTTP Response

Code Status Description
200 OK The request has succeeded.

Additionally, if there aren’t any producers, [] will be returned.

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