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Example 1A: Connect to Server Directory

The data connection that you create will enable you to build a data pipeline that you can use to create visualizations.
edgeCore enables you to access data from external sources such as files, databases, web services, third-party connectors, and custom commands. In the data pipeline, you will define a connection to the outside data, define associations between different data source entities, and configure other properties such as polling and caching.

edgeCore ships with some sample files that you can connect to. In this exercise, you will connect to a directory on the local server where edgeCore is installed (INSTALL_HOME/data/getting_started). This directory contains two comma-separated-values (CSV) files. One file contains US state information, and the other includes a breakdown by counties for each state.

Perform the following steps to connect to a data directory on the local server:

    1. Click Connect.
      The Connections page is displayed.
    2. Click + New Connection to create a new connection.
      A pop-up for choosing a connection type is displayed.
    3. In the pop-up, select File / Server Filesystem connection type.
    4. Click Use Selected.
      A new page is displayed.
    5. In Connection Name, enter getting_started.
    6. Make sure the Enable Connection toggle is on.
    7. In Server Path, enter data/getting_started (the files we are going to use are in this directory).
    8. Click Next.
      You are taken to the Test Connection tab where the confirmation message Connection test was successful is displayed.
    9. Click Save and Close.
      The newly created connection is displayed in the list of connections and also in the pipeline.

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