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Enabling OpenWeather in Maps


Map weather layers require an API key from OpenWeatherMap.

Step 1:  Apply for a Key

Apply for an API key on this page.

Step 2:  Generate API Key

After creating an account, generate an API key.

Step 3: Add API Key

You can add an API Key in three different ways.

Option 1: Map Layers Page

  1. Go to the hamburger menu > Manage > Map Layers.
    A new page is displayed.
  2. Click + in the bottom left corner.
    A new page is displayed.
  3. Provide the necessary information as explained on the Tiles & Overlays page.
  4. In API Key Name, click + to add a key.
    A pop-up is displayed.
  5. In the pop-up, do the following:
    a) Enter the name of the API Key.
    b) Enter the value copied from OpenWeatherMap.
  6. Save your changes.

When you start creating a map visualization, the Open Weather Map will be one of the choices in the Tile Provider dropdown.


Option 2:  Custom Properties Configuration File

Add the API Key to [INSTALL_HOME]/conf/<key>

Option 3: Command Line Interface

Add the API Key to edgeCore by using the following command:

bin/ config -s global -k -v {key value}

In the example above the {key value} should be the value generated from  It should look something like this:

f1cdea2678096dc65de364bac892eab ;


Once the key value is set, you can access it in the hamburger menu > Admin Tools > System Config > Scope GLOBAL.

From here, go to the Map Layers page (as explained in option 1 above). The key value you have set via CLI will be displayed in the API Key Name dropdown, so you can select it.

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