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Date Renderer

Date Renderers provide formatting options for the DATE values. Date Renderers extend Text Renderer, allowing visual alterations to font style and color.

Override User Time Zone

Allows an administrator to override a user’s localized time zone.

  • ON – Displays a Time Zone pull-down. Selecting an explicit Time Zone from this pull-down ensures that all users will see the same times, regardless of where they are physically located.
  • OFF – Date information will be localized and shown using a GMT offset based upon a user’s location.

Localized Time Format

Allows an administrator to override a user’s localized time format.

  • ON – Display a localized date format or a fixed date format as specified in momentjs
  • OFF – Date information will be displayed using the manually entered format. See time format example below: YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss

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