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This page provides details for configuring Database Adapters in edgeCore. There are slight differences in configuration between the various types of Database Adapters – those differences are specified in the details below.

Supported Databases

Databases that require a driver will not be available when configuring new connections until the driver has been installed. Refer to Installing Database (JDBC) Drivers for more information. Note: edgeCore versions 3.10.0 or higher will show all supported database connection types, regardless of whether the driver is installed in the /libs directory.

Database Notes
MySQL / MariaDB
SQL Server If you need trustServerCertificate to get a connection, you have to switch from SQL Server to SQL Server URL
DB2 Driver required
Oracle Driver required
Sybase Driver required

Database Connection

The first step in configuring a new Database Adapter is to create a new Pipeline Connection. Enter the Pipeline view and click + to create a new Pipeline Connection.

Adding a Database Connection

When adding a connection, administrators are presented with a dialog listing adapter types. Select one of the Database adapters, and click “Next”:

Step 1: Connection Details

The Database connection wizard will vary based on the type of database selected. The example below shows H2.

The following are the basic options for all Database Connections:

Option Description Required Example
Connection Name Display name of the Connection. Yes Wiretap Metadata
Description This is where the administrator can enter notes for the connection. No
Enabled If yes, this Connection will count against the license limit. No
Credentials Username/Password to be used for authorization to access this connection. No johndoe

The following are the specific settings for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and jSONAR:

Option Description Required Example
Database Name Name of the database to be accessed. Yes wiretap_metadata
Host/IP IP address or hostname of database server to be accessed. Yes wiretap01
Port Port of database server to be accessed. Yes 3306

The following are the specific settings for H2:

Option Description Required Example
JDBC URL JDBC style URL of the H2 database to be accessed. Yes jdbc:h2:~/test


Failover is an optional setting that enables multiple endpoints to be configured for a connection. When the primary connection goes down, edgeCore will “failover” to the next configured endpoint.

Enable Failover

Yes No
Failover is enabled for this connection, and the next step will allow multiple endpoints to be configured. Failover is disabled for this connection, and the next step will allow a single endpoint.

Once the proper settings have been specified, click “Next”.

Step 2: Endpoints

If failover is disabled, then properties for a single endpoint will be displayed:

If failover is enabled, then a list of endpoints will be available:

Information for each endpoint can be modified using the edit button:

Setting the “Enable” property to “No” will result in that endpoint being ignored during failover.

Step 3:  Test Connection

Edge will attempt to establish a test connection with the database server.


If the test connection is successful, a green validation message will appear.


If the test connection is unsuccessful, a red validation message will appear. Click the “more info” link to get additional information on why edgeCore was unable to connect to the configured source.

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