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Data Adapters and Data Connections

edgeData provides the following value in EdgeCore:

  • Providing high-level summaries, with filtering and drill-down
  • Providing seamless transition from custom visualizations to fully interactive use of integrated tools
  • Providing visualizations of information derived from multiple data sources
  • Supporting presentation on mobile devices

edgeData’s Data Adapters function as a liaison between the edgeData data service and an organization’s various files, application APIs, and databases. Data Connections can be on the edgeData server or on remote hosts. Virtually any type of structured data can be used in edgeData, through an ever-expanding library of data-layer integrations.  edgeData Data Adapters can also “write back” to a data source. Standards-based integrations include:

  • Local: CSV files, shell commands
  • Web Services: CSV, XML/SPAP, JSON
  • Databases (via JDBC and SQL queries):  DB2, H2, jSONAR, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase


Data Connections

edgeData Connections, Feeds, and Transforms identify the adapter and the configuration settings required to connect and filter the external data sources to be accessed by the edgeData server. Data is brought into the edgeData server and returned to the edgeData Client as Feeds. Each Data Connection may bring one or more unique Feeds into the system. Relationships between data entities are modeled as associations. They can be established through the UI or imported from existing associations defined by the external data source.

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