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Changes a connection endpoint, dataset, or account adapter property value. In the context of this command, a dataset is any feed or transform that exists in the edgeCore pipeline.


bin/ edit -s connection|dataset|accountAdapter -n name -p property [-e endpoint] [-v value]


Flag Required Description
s Yes Scope of the edit. Limited to “connection”, “dataset”, or “accountAdapter.”
n Yes Name of the connection, dataset or accountAdapter that is targeted for the edit.
p Yes The name of the property to edit. If set to ‘”*”‘ (including internal quotes) and the value parameter is not present, the server will return a list of all visible properties of the target identified by the name parameter.
e No* Optional unless the scope is set to “connection”. Identified the endpoint of the connection targeted for edit. When connections support failover, endpoint names can be customized. The default name for the main enpoint is “Endpoint1”. Connections that do not support failover (e.g. Server Filesystem) have one endpoint named “Primary”.
v No If provided, the property identified will be set to the value.



Lists all values of the connection named edge1 for the connection named Primary.

bin/ --user admin --pass admin edit -s connection -n edge1 -p "*" -e Primary

Sets the property named property_a to new_value.

bin/ --user admin --pass admin edit -s connection -n edge1 -p "property_a" -e Primary -v "new_value"

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