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Creates a backup with the given filename (full backup by default). Will overwrite backups of the same name.


bin/ backup [--listpages] [-f name] [-p pages] [-l] [-c]


Flag Required Description
listpages No Returns a list of all content pages able to be archived.


Flag Required Description
f No The extension (.zip or .esb) will be appended to the name and does not need to be included. The default name is “edgeSuite-export-” followed by a timestamp.
p No pages is provided to the command as a comma-separated list of content pages. This will create a partial backup. The server will prepend “/Content Menu/” to all paths, so it is assumed that all folders and pages fall under the Content Menu.
l No Adds the logs to the backup
c No Create a backup on a server within a cluster not running in admin mode.



Get a list of pages able to be archived:

bin/ --user admin --pass admin backup --listpages

Override the resulting backup file name. In this case, edge will name the backup file “” or “MyExample.esb”, depending on the environment:

bin/ --user admin --pass admin backup -f MyExample

Add a couple of pages to a partial backup. This will add the bold items:

/Content Menu/

Admin Content/


Demo Data/




bin/ --user admin --pass admin backup -p "Demo Data/DemoPage1, MyMapsPage"

Building on the last example, this example adds logs to the partial backup of the bolded pages (above).

bin/ backup -l -p "Demo Data/DemoPage1, MyMapsPage"

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