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Accessing Pipeline Data via API without Having Pipeline Access

edgeCore version: 4.6.1

In order for users to be able to fetch pipeline data via API when they do not have access to the pipeline, take the following steps:

  1. In the pipeline, go to the feed/dataset and enable the Publish Dataset via REST API toggle switch.
  2. Go to Provision Roles.
    a) Find the role the user belongs to.
    b) On the right, click Permissions and select Fetch Data API under Pipeline.
    c) Click Save.
  3. Go to Public APIs in the system menu.
    Once in Swagger, go to the Data Producer Controller section.
  4. Execute GET /public/pipeline/producers/remote in order to get the data producer ID.
    Copy the ID from the response.
  5. Execute GET /public/pipeline/producers/remote/{producerId}/fetch.
    You will need to provide the producer ID retrieved in step 4.
  6. Copy the Request URL and provide it to the user.
    Upon logging in, the user can paste the url to access the data.

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